Vizualizar Versão Completa : v3i Itunes SUBZ3R0 3DR FunLite!

guinho w.a
21-11-2008, 09:46 AM
Monster Pack para V3i Itunes R47A_D9.3DR
Boot loader 0A.30


Ringtones and Picture IDs from Transflash.

RSA patched.

Ability to run signed and un-signed Corelets.

iTunes 100 limit.

Hide feature in Sounds.

Speeded DRM.

Ability to assign standby Java application.

15 skins (4 stock and rest modded).

15 classic games.

2 file explorers (Phone manager and Xplore Me).

2 extra Music players (Winamp, Digital Audio Player).

Java apps run when connected to USB port.

Increased Java heap size for better performance.

iTap size increased to 15kB.

Cut calls when flip closed. (using voice key)

Change cl.gif on the go.




> This MP is for R47A users Only.
For R479 users, patch the CG1 of the MP with RunPhone patch and then flash it.
> This MP is strictly for 0a.30 Bootloader only.
> Use RSD Lite to flash the MP.
>For getting iTunes 100 limit, upload the 0371_0001 seem provided, using p2kman.


I thank Maverick and Dev, Mobile Junkies for their support in porting patches.
I thank Hrushi, i have used a few of his Transparency effect skins.


The Font, Skins and DRM are properties of their respective owners. The DRM used in this MP has been taken from Devs new DEV@MJ Mp.

24-02-2009, 12:54 AM
Cara Valeu mesmo! Thanks! Happy!